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Self Defense - It doesn't just happen.

Welcome to Stunning Defense Enterprises 

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Stunning Defense Enterprises is concerned about your Safety, Security, Protection and Peace of Mind for you, your family, your home, your employees and your business. Your safety is important to you and to us. We offer an extensive collection of only the highest quality products for your protection. Our Stun Guns, Tasers, Pepper Sprays, Personal and Home Alarms and other Self Defense Products offer premium quality protection for your safety and well being.

 Stunning Defense Enterprises is here to help people who are feeling less and less secure in our increasingly violent society. Our goal is to offer ordinary people an advantage when they need it most. When no place seems safe anymore, you must be prepared to protect yourself. You never know when an assailant will strike. Be prepared to confront your attacker. A Taser Gun, Stun Flashlight or Pepper Spray could easily turn the outcome to your favor.

Browse through our list of premium quality self defense products and choose the protection that best fits your style and personality.

Cell GrilImagine the feeling of confidence and empowerment carrying a device such as a Taser, Stun Gun or Pepper Spray! Wouldn’t it feel reassuring to confront a potential attacker with confidence, to have the element of surprise, and to turn the outcome to your favor? Our self defense products offer an advanced level of personal non-lethal protection. With so many people being arrested and jailed for crossing the fine line of self defense while using deadly force, it's comforting to know you can protect yourself with a non lethal weapon. If you have children, you know how quickly they can wander. We have safety devices to help protect your Children – and your sanity – in the home, on trips to the mall or in other crowded areas.

We help you feel secure when in your Home or Business with our Motion Sensors, Zone Alarms, Intruder Alerts, Spy Cameras and Telephone Recorders.Cyber Eye

With the added protection of our Personal Alarms you can count on a sound night's sleep while traveling. Personal alarms are very auditable and are intended to draw attention to you and your assailant. While you want the added attention, your assailant does not and will likely flee. An additional backup self defense device, such as a stun gun or pepper spray, would be a wise choice.

On the lighter side, we offer some really fun products like crossbows, slingshots, BB guns, paint ball guns, accessories, and more. So while you're looking for the right items to keep your family secure, be sure to also check out our fun product offerings.

We hope you will never have to use our products in an actual self defense situation, but if you do – Stunning Defense Enterprises has made a specialty of offering non-lethal ways to protect yourself, your family, your home and your business.

If you have experienced the misfortune of facing an attacker and you used one of our self defense products to defend yourself, please tell us about it. We would love to hear how we were able to help preserve your well being.  


Are you and those you love protected from assult or rape?

Are you and those you love protected from assult or rape?

You have a choice, choose protection from Stunning Defense.

You have a choice, choose protection from Stunning Defense.

We can help you build a Stunning Defense Against Crime
A Great Defense Starts with Knowledge.
Learn How To Protect Your Family, Friends,
Employees  And Yourself