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How To Use Stun Gun

How to use your Stun Gun

Stun Gun Testing

Down for the Count!
Stun-gun effectiveness varies depending on the particular gun model, the attacker's body size and his determination. It also depends on how long you keep the gun on the attacker. If you use the gun for half a second, a painful jolt will startle the attacker. If you zap him for one or two seconds, he should experience muscle spasms and become dazed. And if you zap him for more than three seconds, he will become unbalanced and disoriented and may lose muscle control. Determined attackers with a certain physiology may keep coming despite any shock.

Keep your hand and body no closer to the contact probes than the switch and safety zone plate. (About 1 1/2") Any closer to the contact probes and you may receive a mild shock.

When you press the switch, an electrical charge will fire across the front of the unit between the test probes.

As long as you hold the switch the unit will continue to fire. Release the switch and it will immediately cease firing. To prevent damage to the probes never test fire for more than a one second duration. Test firing any longer will deplete the battery very quickly.

You will need to discharge the unit after test firing. This is accomplished by touching the probes against a metal object or allowing the unit to sit for 5 minutes. Doing either will discharge the capacitor and prevent a mild shock if you should touch the tips.

Contact Points

We recommended you have your stun gun in your hand and ready to use when in any potentially dangerous area. If you feel uneasy in your surroundings such as a parking lot or walking your dog have it ready to use. Trying to locate and grasp your stun gun under stress can cause you to fumble and drop it. Your stun gun must make contact with your attacker to work correctly - they do not fire probes. The best place to use on an attacker would be the upper hip area, below the rib cage or the upper shoulders. This is where the nerve centers are located; however the stun gun will work on any part of the body. Touching an arm or leg will stun that limb but it may not affect the whole body. For maximum effect, aim for any area of the torso. Hold the stun gun against the assailant and fire as long as necessary to incapacitate them and allow you to escape. (1-5 seconds depending on voltage)

Even if your assailant is touching you; you cannot receive a charge back to your body.


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